Shipping Policy

We guarantee on-time delivery of our products. We strive to deliver within the shipping period specified at checkout, which will vary by order type, so please contact us if you have any questions about the dates given.

Once you place an order, it will be processed within 1-3 business days and delivered within 7-14 business days, if you wish to cancel your order after it has shipped, we will charge you for shipping and delivery .

If you are not present when we try to deliver, we will usually try the delivery again the next business day, or a card will be placed offering you pickup at your local pickup point. If you refuse delivery or fail to accept delivery in two delivery attempts, you will be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

Contact details
Tel: 13675007693
Email: [email protected]
Address: 3rd Floor, Plant No. 57-2, Tianfu Village, Luozhou Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
+44 131 608 0097
7 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR United Kingdom